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Every Fast Start Blog package is built on WordPress, the most popular Content Management Service (CMS) in the world. Nearly 50% of the millions of websites online are powered by WordPress and it’s supported by a massive community of support websites, theme developers, plugin developers, training and much more. There’s no other CMS that comes close to the power and stability of WordPress.

Your blog package includes the following:

Your Domain Name and Hosting Paid for One Full Year – Choose whatever domain name you want (ie, yourbusinessname.com) and I’ll take care of the technical stuff of getting your domain name connected to your hosting account. Your domain name and hosting are included in the Fast Start Blog package. ($125 Value)

Installation and Configuration of WordPress – Everyone tells you how easy this is. It can be, if you already know stuff about cPanel, FTP, etc. If you don’t know those things, you’ll waste some time trying to figure it out on your own. If you want your blog up fast and installed properly, let me do it. I’ve done hundreds of them, so for me, it is easy. ($95 Value)

Custom Logo and Color Branding for Your Site – Includes 2 revisions to make sure you get what you want ($125 Value)

Premium Front End WordPress Theme – I purchased rights to an easy-to-customize theme that has lots of flexibility. But if you were to buy this theme as a standalone purchase and install it yourself, it would look very plain out of the box. That’s why I’ve created over a dozen templates for you to choose from. You’ll find something that appeals to you and your business, but you’re not limited to the colors and style examples I’ve created. If you have a custom color you want to use, no problem. If you’d like to mix and match styles/layouts from different theme choices, I can do that too. You’ll get a fully customized blog branded with your logo and colors. ($250 Value)

Ready-to-Go About, Contact, Privacy and Disclaimer Pages – You’ll need some basic pages on your new site to make it easier for your visitors to learn more about your business, contact you and to be compliant with Internet, legal and governmental regulations. I’ll set those up for you and they’ll be ready to go when you’re ready to show your site to the world. I’ll set up a Contact Us page to make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you and handle the technical side of that so you won’t have to learn how to do it yourself.

Create and Configure Site Navigation Menus – I’ll set up the navigation menus (like, Home – About – Contact – Privacy, etc) at the top and bottom areas of your blog. It’s important to know what should and should not be included in each of these menus, so I’ll take care of that for you too.

Premium Point-‘n-Click Page Builder – A Page Builder is an add-on module that allows you to create custom pages (if you want to) by simply dragging and dropping building blocks onto a page and customizing them with easy-to-use style selections.  You can create your own professional-looking landing pages, review pages and more with point and click ease. You don’t have to use this, but it’s included in your package if you decide to do more with your blog later. ($100 Value)

Three Custom Subscribe Forms – You can choose to have up to three mailing list subscribe forms on your site, connected to the mailing list software of your choice. I’ll design these to match your site’s branding and it includes a custom thank you page as well. You’ll be able to edit these as well whenever you choose. I’ll create a sidebar subscribe form (usually the right side of your page, at the top), a post footer subscribe form (shows up at the bottom of the full post page), and a popup subscribe form that shows up when someone begins to leave your website. (That’s called an “exit intent” popup) Each one of these forms will be connected to the mailing list software of your choice and includes a Thank You for Subscribing page. Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t have a mailing list service. I’ll show you where you can get a service for free and provide tutorials for setting that up. ($175 Value)

Premium Social Sharing and Follow Me Icons – I’ve chosen one of the top social sharing software solutions to make it easy for your site visitors to share your site and articles with others. I also include a “Follow Me” option in your blog sidebar to promote your social media accounts. ($90 Value)

Add-on Plugins – WordPress plugins are add-on modules that help add more functionality to your blog for efficiency and management. But there are hundreds of thousands of plugins available. Which ones do you really need, and which ones should you avoid? I’ll handle that for you so you don’t waste time (or money) on plugins that you don’t need. I’ve used hundreds of plugins over time, and I know which ones are to use and trust.

Site Speed Enhancements – Out of the box, your WordPress setup, themes, plugins, images, etc, can really slow down your blog. Google (or your visitors) doesn’t like slow loading websites so you could be missing out on valuable web traffic by having a slow loading site. It’s taken me a lot of time and trial and error to figure out the magical combination of code and plugins to produce fast loading websites. You’ll reap the benefit of my knowledge in this area immediately by making Google… and your site visitors, happy. I do this as a paid service for other blog owners, but it’s included in your Fast Start Blog package. ($125 Value)

Security Enhancements – WordPress powers nearly 50% of all websites online, so that makes them a big target for hackers, thieves and other bad people who have nothing better to do than cause headaches for those who are just minding their own business. The solution involves more than just adding a popular security plugin or two. Again, trial and error and a lot of testing on my end produced a powerful combination of tools and coding to help ward off the most concentrated of attacks. Nothing is 100% foolproof, but I can offer a strong defensive package that protects you better than you trying to do it yourself. This is another paid service I provide as a standalone product, but it’s included in your Fast Start Blog package. ($125 Value)

Blog Content – Your Fast Start Blog package includes a valuable package of Fast Start Content tools including content ideas, starter articles, headlines, checklists, swipe files and more. You could spend a lot of time and a whole lot of money acquiring these resources on your own, but I included them all in your Fast Start Blog package. ($297 Value)

Built-In Tutorial Videos – From day one, adding content to your new blog is as easy as typing in a title, adding your content and then clicking the Update button. But you’ll want to do more than that, like adding images, videos, photo galleries and generally making your content more interesting to your site visitors. So how do you do all of those things? Easy! Just click on a quick tutorial video or view the chapter in the instruction manual I’ll be adding to your WordPress Admin area.

I’ll be installing about 80 video tutorials and a massive instruction manual (if you prefer reading over watching videos) directly to your WordPress Admin area that you can access them anytime you need them. The videos are created in short snippets and are constantly updated to keep up with new changes in WordPress and other services, so you’ll always have the latest information at your fingertips. In just minutes, you’ll learn how to do tasks like how to write your content, adding images, adding videos, creating a gallery, search engine optimization, how to create pages, categories, tags and even how to use the included Page Builder to create custom pages on your site. ($100 value)

Help and Support – My Fast Start Blog package is a truly, done-for-you solution to getting your blog up and running faster and more professionally designed than you can do yourself. I’m not bragging… it’s just what I’m very good at. And when I hand you the keys to your shiny new blog, I don’t just disappear into the Internet ether. I’m always available to my customers and I look forward to helping you be successful online.