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The Modern theme is very similar to the boxed Classic theme. While the Classic theme adds some margins to the top edge of the theme, the Modern theme fits up snug against the top of your computer screen. The Modern them also features a navigation bar with a gradient background to show what’s possible with a little design tweak. Like the Classic theme, you can use the top right side of the logo for a banner, phone number, company slogan or whatever text you would like displayed there.

I include several different blog layouts for you to choose from. You’ll be able to easily switch to a different layout for your blog if you decide you want to change the look of your blog: (Each link below opens in a new window so this post will still be here for you to view.)

The Large Featured Image Layout is the default version of my theme demos is the traditional layout with a large featured imaged above the title, an excerpt of the article and then a “Read More” link to the rest of the article.

The Small Featured Image Layout displays a smaller, left-aligned featured image with the excerpt and read more link to the right of the featured image.

The Grid Layout is a block grid design with a top aligned featured image that allows more articles to be seen “above the fold”.

The Hero Image With Grid Layout features a top “hero” area that allows you to use a background image, color, or color gradient to draw your reader’s eye to your copy and call to action. You can have a button that takes the visitor to another page on your site, or you can include a subscription form that’s connected to your autoresponder service.

The Magazine Layout features a content tiles area at the top of the posts section with the post title over the featured image. Below that are smaller block posts with small feature images. This version also features a banner add between the content tiles and the other block posts.

On the full article page, I’ve already added the social icons for that your visitors can use to share your content with others. You can manage what social media icons are displayed on your site with an easy-to-use dashboard in your Admin area. I’ve also added a nicely styled Author’s bio box at the end of the article that looks much nicer than the default one WordPress provides. I also provide some classy customization for your comments section at the bottom of your posts. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the nicely styled comments area. Your comments as the Administrator/Owner of your site will show up in a different color to help your readers find your comments easier.

You’ll notice that there are 3 different custom subscribe forms on this site:

  1. Sidebar widget subscribe form (see the example in the right sidebar)
  2. After-post subscribe form (see the example at the end of this post)
  3. Exit intent full screen popup subscribe form (move your mouse to the URL bar like you’re leaving the site to see the example)

All of them are active so that you can test them out for yourself. They’ll take you to a Thank You page, like the one you’ll have on your site. (Don’t worry, these are just test subscribe forms and I will not be sending you emails from that test list)

Every Fast Start Blog custom theme includes a variety of built-in, custom styles to help you to easily add eye-catching attention to your content. And I’ve done that in a way that doesn’t require you to add HTML, CSS or other scary code stuff to make your content look great. All you have to do is choose a style from a drop-down menu, and you’re done! You’ll have instant, beautiful quote boxes, information boxes, buttons and other elements to draw attention to your content and engage your reader more effectively. Click Here for examples of the types of elements you can easily add to your page.

My custom themes include a variety of features that are built-in so that you don’t have to go searching around Google for additional software to add the functionality that you need for your blog. Many new bloggers get overwhelmed in setting up their blogs, adding plugins, figuring out how stuff works, etc, when they should be focusing on adding content and getting visitors to their site. That’s why I work hard to add virtually everything you need right out of the gate so you can focus on the important stuff like creating content, building a list and monetizing your site.

Check out these other features that I include in every theme I create:

  • Powerful Course Software that lets you create your own online courses with point and click ease. Sell your courses with the included Woocommerce shopcart that’s built-in, or offer free courses to your visitors to build your mailing list and build a relationship with your visitors.
  • Marketing experts say you should have a “Recommended Resources” page to help increase your revenue from products and services you refer to your visitors. But building a recommended resources page can be a real pain. I’ve made that easy with not one, but two versions that you can choose from. Version one is here, and Version two is here.
  • I make it easy for you to add eye-catching elements to your blog posts or pages with my included shortcodes. This page shows you examples of built-in shortcodes that allow you to easily add buttons, text boxes, testimonials, videos and more.


Bob Smith

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